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Sims 4: Big Brother Challenge – Week 6 – Social and Rocket Science

Welcome to Week 6

Social and Rocket Science Challenge

BBC Week 6

This week the final 3 moved into a new house in Oasis Springs.

Week 6 (1)
Ground Floor
Week 6 (2)
First Floor

This house had a pool that they were able to use at anytime. The gate was unlocked so they were able to go speak to people on the street. However, unlike the last house this one only has one bathroom. Also they had 3 beds with different energy ratings so whoever got to the best bed first got the best night’s rest.

This week there was a group challenge to build the rocket science skill. They had to come together to build rocket ships to take them to space.

They were also judged on how many new relationships they made.

From the time they arrived to the house they were excited.
Here they are taking selfies in the new house.

Week 6 (3)

Tayler jumped into the pool but lost her swimsuit so she went to hide from everyone under the covers.

Week 6 (4)

Week 6 (6)

These girls got angry because they got splashed when Tayler jumped into the pool.

Week 6 (9)

Week 6 (10)

But then they got over it and they all had a chat by the pool.

Week 6 (11)

Then it was rocket building time. I’m pretty sure it’s unsafe to do this in heels, long earrings or in a swimsuit but these sims did anyway.

While building, Tayler abandoned the project to swim and Aubrie left to use the toilet. Krystal was the last one building.

Afterwards Krystal jumped pool and lost her clothes but this didn’t bother her she was confident and got the free-flying moodlet.

Free flyiing
Free flyiing

On the first night out they went to the park.

Crystal got a book to read Aubrey cooked some food Taylor played chess. They also encountered a random guy napping on the park bench. He got up to have some food and sat by Krystal who was also eating. Then she made some friends with some girls playing chess.

In the second day of building they finished the first rocket ship (They had to build 3 in total). Then they went to a bar named Rattlesnake Juice. Taylor went dancing and Crystal took a seat by the bar.

Taylor looks like she’s loosing some weight. Must be all that swimming she’s been doing. She stayed up all night then, in an attempt to stay awake during the day she drank too much coffee and wet her pants.

Week 6 (43)

They had a house party and a ghost came along..

Week 6 (48)
I’m not sure why Salvador is in his towel

Because of her loner trait, Aubrie kept getting the “Stranger Danger” moodlet when too many strangers were around.Week 6 (46)

And after the party the house was a mess.

Week 6 (52)

Krystal got sick with something and Tayler’s head was hurting and steam was coming out her ears.

Costume party time!

Week 6 (65)

Week 6 (66)

Aubrie and Jessica ditched their costumes for swimsuits.

Week 6 (68)

They went to a lounge called The Solar Flare and Aubrie entertained… In her swimsuit

Week 6 (69)

And the grim reaper told jokes.

This club also had aliens and faeries.

Week 6 (72)

Tayler collapsed on the floor and went to sleep.

Week 6 (74)

And Aubrie finally changed into something more appropriate.

Week 6 (73)

On Thursday they went to space.

Week 6 (75)

Everyone returned in one piece except Aubrie who crash landed and ended up dazed.

This resulted in her walking around naked for a while.

Week 6 (86)

They attended a bar on Thursday evening. Old quarter Inn.

Lame club
Lame club

This party was lame so they headed to a club Discotheque Pan Europa.

Week 6 (90)

They were pretty partied out so they all eventually fell asleep.
Tayler first, then Krystal, then Aubrie.

Week 6 (89)

Week 6 (93)

Then it was decision day.

Decision day
Decision day

There was a scoring system for this week.
2 points for each new relationship
2 for every skill level gained for related skills.
Rocket science being the main skill had the weight of 4 points.

Tayler made 9 new relationships, Krystal made 8 and Aubrie made 5.

Charisma- 2
Comedy- 3
Dancing- 1
Mischief- 3
Rocket Science- 3

Charisma- 2
Comedy- 4
Dancing- 1
Mischief- 1
Rocket Science- 4

Charisma- 2
Comedy- 4
Dancing- 2
Mischief- 4
Rocket Science- 4

So the winner was Aubrie with 45 points, Krystal was second with 40 points and Tayler gets eliminated with 39 points.

Aubrie and Krystal got to share the winner’s room again while Tayler had to clean the house.

Here she is doing all the chores.

Week 6 (97)

Week 6 (98)Then she had to leave.

Week 6 (99)

Week 6 (101)

Meanwhile in the winner’s room Aubrie played darts, played on the computer and slept. Krystal used the computer and watched tv.

Aubrie and Krystal were chilling and enjoying the winner’s room when they got invited to Taylers birthday party. It was on an empty lot. A lot of the past competitors were present. Tayler aged up into a stylish elder with a fancy hairstyle.

Tayler's birthday party
Tayler’s birthday party
Stylish elder
Stylish elder

Other interesting things happening in the house.

Hope you enjoyed this week.

See you next time for Week 7: Finale

Who will be the winner?

If you’re interested in more Sims challenges check out my Sims site: Sim Out Loud!


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