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Sims 4: Big Brother Challenge – Week 5 – Fishing

Welcome to Week 5


BBC Week 5

Winner’s room

week 5 (17)

This week the doors were unlocked and the sims were able to go outside to fish.

week 5 (1)

Krystal caught a fish
Krystal caught a fish

Krystal was sad because she didn’t have anyone to talk to.

week 5 (19)

She found Aubrie eventually and they sat down to have a chat.

week 5 (6)

And here they are sharing a friendly hug.

week 5 (7)

Here are the girls having a chat in the kitchen and Tayler cooking as usual.

week 5 (18)

And Jessica cooked some gourmet food

week 5 (21)

And here is Tayler and Aubrie having some girl talk

week 5 (16)

Then it was decision day.

The winner was Aubrie Level 4 – 39%
Krystal Level 4 – 25%
Tayler Level 3 – 4%
And Jessica  gets eliminated with Level 3 – 3%

Aubrie and Krystal got to share the winner’s room again while Jessica had to clean the house.

And here is Jessica doing all the chores.

She prepared the chocolate fountain then she had to leave.

week 5 (26)

Aubrie and Krystal  used the winner’s room quite alot.

week 5 (9)

week 5 (22)

Tayler made good use of the chocolate fountain. ..even though her hunger bar was full.

week 5 (4)

week 5 (5)

She had 3 strawberries in one go. The she went to sleep.

She  was also tasting the chocolate with her hands.

week 5 (12)

week 5 (13)

And Aubrie had a strawberry too.

week 5 (10)

And these girls took selfies

Other interesting things happening in the house.

Sims attempted to visit but couldn’t get in.

Sims like to take selfies

week 5 (14)

Hope you enjoyed this week.

See you next time for Week 6: Social Week.
This week contains a surprise so make sure you check back!

If you’re interested in more Sims challenges check out my Sims site: Sim Out Loud!


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