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Sims 4: Big Brother Challenge – Week 7 – Finale


Welcome to Week 7

This week was the finale.

There was no winners room as the winner received the house.

This week they were given access to unlimited skill and entertainment items. They had to get a job and were scored based on job performance. They were also scored on final skill tally.

The tech guru job was chosen for both sims.

Krystal went straight to the cupcake machine.

08-06-16_2-53-04 PM

Because the doors were open they had a few visitors, some walking in and some calling to ask if they could come hang out.

Tayler was the first to visit and went to work on the bonsai plant.

Tayler failed at bonsai
Tayler failed at bonsai

Then they chilled a little by the computer.

08-06-16_3-03-29 PM
Salvador came to visit. First he went to talk to himself in the mirror then he took a run on the treadmill.

08-06-16_3-26-00 PM

08-06-16_3-27-27 PM

The both got sick. Krystal was scratchy and Aubrie had fever. These illnesses didn’t give them spots or stripes though.

Aubrie got promoted to quality Assurance on Wednesday.
To celebrate they went to a bar but before going inside Aubrie fertilized a bush then she went to sleep in the same bush. Krystal got sick again and illness made her giggly and striped.

The next day Krystal got promoted.

That night Aaron invited the girls to a party. Next thing you know he and Aubrie fell asleep at the club.

The last day of work they came home tired. Krystal went to work in her swimsuit… she alone knows why.

08-10-16_10-30-26 PM

The last night there was a costume party at the house but these girls were so tired from working so hard throughout the challenge that they both went to sleep and left the guests to their own devices.

Then it was decision day!

Decision day
Decision day

For job peformance the winner was…




As you can see her performance bar was slightly higher than Krystal’s.

With respect to skills the winner was…

aub skill

kry skill


She had more skill levels than Krystal.

So Aubrie is our grand winner! She gets to keep the house while Krystal is booted out. She didn’t have to clean though…

Krystal says goodbye
Krystal says goodbye

Because the Big Brother team awarded Aubrie with 1 year’s cleaning service as part of her prize.

Not bad for housekeeping
Not bad for housekeeping

It was a long tough race but Aubrie worked hard and stuck it out to the end. Congrats to her!

Other interesting things happening in the house.

Sims love to cook and they love to eat too!

Aubrie played games and she played violin as well.

Thanks for following this challenge!
Hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments and if you have done this challenge post the link so I can check it out.

If you’re interested in more Sims challenges check out my Sims site: Sim Out Loud!


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