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Sims 4: Big Brother Challenge – Week 3 – Violin

Week 3
Violin!BBC Week 3

Welcome to the challenge for this week.
Hope you enjoy.

Jessica walks in on Diego in the toilet. He’s clearly not pleased.
Poor Jessica was just sad because of her gloomy trait. She probably need a shoulder to cry on.

Look at these girls having a girly conversation.

Week 3 (5)

Day one in the challenge room and they just stood around.

Week 3 (6)

They eventually got to playing
They eventually got to playing

When they started playing they sounded awful!

Their faces when the music doesn't sound good. Haha
Their faces when the music doesn’t sound good. Haha

Aubrie started to get better and Aaron decided to watch.

Week 3 (10)

Jess was caught napping as usual.

Week 3 (11)

And then there were 2

Week 3 (12)

And then there was 1
.Week 3 (13)

On Tuesday they were put on the violin again but Aubrie stayed up all night and kept falling asleep.

Week 3 (14)

These guys are working hard for that prize.

Oh wow! What did Jess do in the toilet?


Diego is serious about this.  He went to play all on his own.

Week 3 (18)

Avid violinists
Avid violinists

On Thursday they were not forced to skill.
Instead they had a party to celebrate all the birthdays in the house.
They were allowed to sleep until 9 (for those who wanted to) then they had a birthday party with a hired cook and mixologist.

The eliminated were also allowed to come to the party.

Then it was back to work on Friday.
They weren’t locked in today. They were able to play (or not play) of their own free will.

Some of them did.

Week 3 (27)
Some watched

Descision time!

Week 3 (30)
Why is Krystal being anti social?

Everyone was brought into the decision room and their scores were read out.
Winning the challenge this week was Aaron with a violin skill of level 6 (2%)
The safe contestants this week were:
Tayler – Level 5 (96%)
Krystal – Level 5 (76%)
Jessica – Level 5 (39%)
Aubrie – Level 5 (13%)

And heading out this week was
Diego – Level 4 (95%) who had to clean the house before he left.

Collecting dirty dishes
Collecting dirty dishes

This week the winner gets to take someone to the Winner’s room with them and Aaron chose Tayler (highest friendly relationship).
They will no doubt enjoy the room together.

And now that the house is clean, Diego has to leave.

Week 3 (34)

Bye Diego

Week 3 (36)

Look at these girls selfie-ing

Tayler took advantage of her computer privileges.

Week 3 (39)

Then she broke the microwave.

Week 3 (40)
Friendly hugs all around.

Week 3 (41)Week 3 (57)

Jessica loves to cook.

Week 3 (42)

Tayler played Sims forever but then thought the house was just disgusting so she got rid of some dirty dishes

Week 3 (43)Week 3 (44)

Aaron and Jess seems to have reconciled their differences and now they are friends.

Week 3 (46)

Aaron found his way to the computer to “troll teh forums”.

Week 3 (47)

And these girls had girly talk…

Week 3 (48)

…while Aaron got in some sauna time.

Week 3 (51)

Jess cleaned the toilet.

Week 3 (53)
Sal came to visit but couldnt get in.

Week 3 (54)Jess was feeling sad cuz of her gloomy trait so she went to bed to cry it out

Week 3 (55) Week 3 (56)

Aaron played blickblock.

Week 3 (59)

Maybe too much gaming affected Aaron badly because he couldn’t stay awake to have a conversation.

Week 3 (60) Week 3 (63)

Aaron cut his finger while cooking

Week 3 (67)

And on the last day of access to the Winner’s Room Tayler played the arcade game.

Week 3 (66)

See you all next time for Week 4- Woodworking

If you’re interested in more Sims challenges check out my Sims site: Sim Out Loud!


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