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Sims 4: Big Brother Challenge – Week 4 – Woodworking and Makeover

Welcome to Week 4
Woodworking and Makeover!

So today everyone gets a makeover!

BBC Week 4

Winner’s room and Challenge room


5 (1)

Here are their makeovers.



06-04-16_7-12-01 PMAfter

5 (2)Krystal


06-04-16_12-47-24 AM


5 (5)



06-04-16_12-49-54 AMAfter

And she put on some weight.

5 (3)Aubrey


06-04-16_12-48-41 AMAfter

5 (6)



06-04-16_12-50-03 AM


5 (4)


Now this might look like three friends sitting and having a meal together but what actually happened Tayler took the plate from in front of Krystal and started eating it.

Week 4 (10)

And Aaron is just being mean to everyone and he’s quite happy about it.

Week 4 (11)

Aaron was blowing up stuff on the stove, dropping food on the floor then picking it up and putting it back in the pan.

Week 4 (16)

Week 4 (19)

Aaron was mean to Jessica who go angry and had to go calm herself down in the mirror.

Week 4 (25)

Week 4 (27)

Tayler set the house on fire!!!!

Week 4 (31)

Week 4 (32)

And everybody panicked instead of trying to help.

Week 4 (33)

She was burnt but survived.

So these guys just wanted to socialize instead of skilling up.

Week 4 (7)

So I put everyone to build a knife block.

Week 4 (9)

Looks like these two just knocked themselves out with a hammer … at the same time

Week 4Then it was decision time!

Decision time!
Decision time!

The winner was Aubrie Level 3 – 48%
Tayler Level 3 – 20%
Jessica Level 3 – 4%
Krystal Level 3 – 4%
And Aaron gets eliminated with Level 2 – 85% (of course he had to clean the house)

Then he left.

Week 4 (14) Week 4 (15)

Aubrie got to enjoy VIP treatment until Sunday evening. and she got to bring a sim with her so she choose Krystal.


Other interesting things happening in the house.

Sims like to cook.

Sims like to take selfies

Hope you enjoyed this week.

See you next time for Week 5: Fishing


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