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Sims 4: Big Brother Challenge – Week 2 – Chess

And then there were 7
And then there were 7

Last week Salvador was the winner while Markus got booted out.

06-09-16_10-59-23 PM

Salvador got access to his winners room and immediately went to play in the motion gaming system.

06-09-16_11-20-08 PM

Salvador clearly loves blick block because he went on the computer to play it some more.

06-09-16_11-19-47 PM

On his last day in the winners room Salvador went into the sauna…

…and boy did he enjoy it!

I upgraded the house a bit and added the items for this week’s challenge.


06-10-16_10-55-22 PM

Let’s get that logic skill up!

And after I did everyone just kept hanging around the locked challenge room door. Haha! Looks like I won’t have to force them to do this one.

06-10-16_11-06-25 PM
Please let us in. We wanna play chess.

The prize in the winners room for this week was the computer, a hot tub and a TV.

Winner's room for week 2
Winner’s room for week 2

From this week onward the losing Sim has to clean the house before leaving.

On Sunday evening, Salvador had to give up the winners room.

Wake up call was Monday at 5 am.

Salvador made breakfast for everyone and instead of using the bar to mix drinks they used it to eat breakfast and have coffee.

Breakfast time
Breakfast time

On the first day they were locked in the room and everyone went straight to the chess boards except Diego who decided that chatting was better. Aaron on the other hand fell asleep during his game.

Chess time
Chess time

Then Salvador decided to exercise.


What are these sims doing all night that they are all falling asleep??? At 1:45 p.m. we had four sleeping Sims.

Aaron woke up for like 2 seconds to play then he went straight back to sleep.

And Aubrie decides to exercise.


It’s decision day!
At 4:00 everyone was brought into the decision room.

The results are as follows:
In 1st place was Aubrie with a logic skill of level 4 (84%)
Our safe contestants this week were:
Jessica – level 4 ( 30%)
Aaron – level 4 ( 8%)
Tayler – level 3 (85%)
Diego – level 3 (94%)
Krystal – level 3 (92%)

And leaving the house this week was Salvador with logic skill level 2 (5%)
While we’re all sad to see Salvador go we’re happy that someone’s going to give this house a cleaning!

So Aubrie got to enjoy the Winner’s room until Sunday evening and the first thing she did was play Sims forever!

06-12-16_4-05-58 PM

Salvador on the other hand had to clean.

06-12-16_4-07-31 PM

And after cleaning up Salvador said goodbye!

Aubrie “trolls teh forums”… She does this quite a lot.

06-12-16_4-07-52 PM

Is it me or is Tayler gaining weight?

06-12-16_7-21-49 PM
Always cooking, never exercising!

Aubrie watches TV. Of course she was supposed to do this from hot tub but oh well.

06-12-16_7-24-35 PM

Aubrie got ill… too much gaming maybe?

Hopefully a nap cures her.

06-12-16_7-33-16 PM

Aubrie never went in her hot tub though.

I’ve noticed my sims have a habit of taking finished meals and eating it before the Sim that made it can eat it. So if Krystal makes breakfast Diego will take it and eat it before she can.

Jessica made some vegetable tempura then went to play chess with Tayler. Tayler stops playing chess and goes to eat Jessica’s vegetable tempura now Jessica is stuck eating cereal.


Other interesting things happening in the house.

See you all next time for Week 3- Violin

If you’re interested in more Sims challenges check out my Sims site: Sim Out Loud!


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