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Sims 4: Big Brother Challenge – Week 1 – Painting

The challenge started off on Friday so I gave them until Monday to settle in and get to know each other.

It’s 5 am on Monday morning.

Wake up wake up everyone. Time to get your day started.

This week’s task: Painting

It is now 8 am and no one has started painting.

Everyone is forced herded into the challenge room and locked in. Instead of painting they all just start chatting so I put each one to do a small classic painting.

06-06-16_10-37-06 PM

It’s clear that some people just lack creativity.

06-06-16_10-38-25 PM

Salvador went crazy after his first one and just kept at it.

06-06-16_10-43-44 PM

06-06-16_10-49-37 PM

06-06-16_10-47-54 PM

The door was unlocked at 7 pm for them to carry on as they wish. Some guys were craving sleep.

06-06-16_10-56-04 PM

On Tuesday they were woken up at 5:30 and locked in the challenge room at 8 am until 4 pm but no one did any painting.

And while Tayler gets her beauty rest Krystal hides from everyone because she was so embarrassed after peeing herself. That lump on the bed is her. Haha!

06-06-16_11-32-19 PM

Jessica and Aaron got into a fight and Aaron beat Jessica up…

06-06-16_11-22-23 PM
Aaron didn’t your parents teach you not to hit girls???

Unfortunately I didn’t get a shot of the fight.

After the wake up call these guys had breakfast while Jessica snuck off and went to take a nap.

06-07-16_11-54-17 PM

Friday was elimination day. The person with the lowest skill was kicked out while the one with the highest got access to the special room until the new challenge started. This week the room had a sauna, computer and a motion monitor gaming system.

Winner's room
Winner’s room

At 4:00pm they were all brought to the decision room (living room) and the scores were assessed based on their painting skill.

Decision day
Decision day
Decision day
Who will be eliminated?

The winner is Salvador! He achieved level 3 painting skill at 29%
Aubrie 68%
Aaron 67%
Jessica 57%
Diego 49%
Tayler 47%
Krystal 42%
And Markus gets eliminated with a measly 22%

Salvador gets to enjoy his VIP treatment until Sunday evening.

Other interesting things happening in the house.

This week we had a bunch of Sims getting sick.

These people are pigs
These people are pigs
Why is she drinking on the toilet?
Why is she drinking on the toilet?

See you all next time for Week 2: Chess

If you’re interested in more Sims challenges check out my Sims site: Sim Out Loud!

3 thoughts on “Sims 4: Big Brother Challenge – Week 1 – Painting”

  1. Great shots! Lovin it so far, poor Krystal!

    I wasn’t really a fan of Markus anyway, so I’m good so far. Can’t wait for the next update!

    Liked by 1 person


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