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Pink Poui

I saw this lovely poui (Tabebuia rosea) while on my way to my friend's wedding. It's supposed to be pink but the colour was so pale it looked almost white. I was fortunate enough to get a picture while the car was driving by.

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You Know Your Plant is Growing Up When…

... the "macro" feature is no longer necessary to get shots of the entire plant. My plants have graduated from very small to not so small. They are growing.. slowly but surely. I also set a Soapberry seed but it hasn't germinated yet so we'll see how that goes.

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My Mgambo Tree Journey: New Leaves

I need to give my tree a name. She's been growing quite well over the past few days. Here are some photos of where she's at.       Here she is when she sent out her first leaves. This was on the 4th September.       The leaves got a little bigger by the 5th September       … Continue reading My Mgambo Tree Journey: New Leaves

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A Little About Mgambo Trees (Majidea zanguebarica)

Since I decided to plant my Mgambo tree here in Trinidad, I have been looking for information about it all over the internet. There isn't very much out there but this is what I have learned. Botanical Name: Majidea zanguebarica or Majidea zangueberica (It appears both ways online.) The word Mgambo is Swahili for "announcement"… Continue reading A Little About Mgambo Trees (Majidea zanguebarica)