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Riding Diary 23/01/2015

Eight people came out to ride on Friday. It was the largest class we've had for a while. The horses we used were Hannah, Harmony, Hassan, Honesta, Hailey, Hidalgo, Harry and Havannah. We started off walking to warm up the horses. At the walk we did the exercise circle to take the rear of the… Continue reading Riding Diary 23/01/2015

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Horse Tabanca

When riding class was on Christmas break it was really hard for me. It was a terribly long three weeks of no riding. I went to visit the horses sometime in between and carried treats. Most of the horses ate them happily but there were a few that sniffed it and refused. I had two horse… Continue reading Horse Tabanca

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Hyper: The Horse That Stepped on My Foot

The horse I used yesterday was Hyper. He's quite a sweetheart and likes a little love up here and there... but then again, who doesn't? Hyper was busy eating when I went to saddle him up. I don't think he was very pleased to be taken from his dinner. After saddling Hyper and I went… Continue reading Hyper: The Horse That Stepped on My Foot

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Horseback Riding and Me

I recently completed a basic horseback riding course at the Police Mounted Branch. It was a lovely experience! I got to meet and interact with 23 horses which all have different personalities. We began riding in the yard near the stables on quarter horses which are the smaller horses. My horse was Fannon, a 25… Continue reading Horseback Riding and Me