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Mgambo Update: New Project

I’m attempting to turn my mgambo¬†(Majidea zangueberica) into a bonsai… or something of the sort.

This idea came from my fascination of desert roses (which I will be getting soon) and the fact that I had this tree that is usually quite large but I have it growing in a small pot.

A little update on my tree

I posted some time ago that the all the leaves on the tree turned brown and fell off.

This happened twice. I’m not sure why though. I don’t know these trees to be¬†deciduous.

Somewhere along the way I broke off the top of the tree in an attempt to allow the buds below to grow and they did. Then they fell off again.

So here’s what I did (bear in mind I have no idea what I’m doing).

I took the plant out the pot…20171014_174017

Just look at how compact the soil is.

and refilled it with some fresh soil raising the plant some and tilting it a bit and I cut off the top.


This was the end product.


We’ll see how this project goes.

Oh and the top of the plant that I chopped off, I stuck in in a vase with water to see if it would spout any roots. I’m not sure it will but it’s worth a try.


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