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In Memory of Havannah

Havannah’s death came suddenly. No one was expecting it. She was fine one day, sick the next then she died.

I had the opportunity to ride her once before she passed. She was a beautiful black warmblood with white socks and a white stripe on her face. She was a headstrong horse definitely an alpha mare.

I’ve seen her “run away” with many a rider including me. But it wasn’t a bad ride, she had one of the smoothest trots in the stable. She did well for the majority of the ride. The only thing I had trouble for was when we did the control exercise- canter from the walk then stop. We were working with half the riding school. Getting her to canter was no issue. The problem was getting her to stop. 😀

Here are some photos of her.

Havannah 3
Havannah ready for a parade
Havannah 4
Havannah and Heinrich at Independence Parade
Havannah 1
Havannah and Officer Thomas



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