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Weekend Wildlife Activities

This weekend was a packed one for the El Socorro Centre for Wildlife Conservation.

On Friday and Sunday we attended the T&T Bioblitz where over the weekend biological surveying was done in an attempt to record all the living species within the area. The final count was 730 species.

For this display we had some of our raptors for the public to view and interact with. Charleau the Spectacled Owl, Oreo the White Hawk, Tyler the Savannah Hawk, Barnie the Barn Owl, Mort the Mottled Owl and Jack Sparrow and Imprint who are Tropical Screech Owls.

We were lucky to meet the President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago on Friday. He came to visit the Nature fair and stopped by our tent to meet our Wildlife Ambassadors.


The President of T&T with the ECWC’s Wildlife Ambassadors and Volunteers

We also had the chance to educate some students about the animals found in Trinidad.

Ricardo tells students about wildlife
The students listen attentively


On Saturday we visited a the Upper Carapichaima Presbyterian Primary School for their bazaar where we displayed a range of wildlife from Trinidad and Tobago.


We had snakes such as the Tree Boa, Rainbow Boa, Red Tailed Boa (macajuel) Horse Whip Snake, Doctor Snake and Attz the Albino Burmese Python (Who isn’t local but great for helping people get over their fear of snakes).

Intrigued by the snakes
Looking at some snakes

We had our raptors, Oreo, Tyler, Charleau, Mort, Barnie and Jack Sparrow.

Charleau looking bored…one of his many facial expressions
Mort the Mottled Owl and Attz the Burmese Albino in the back

Tricky the Channel Billed Toucan and Kuku the Yellow Crowned Parrot were also present.
The Trinidad Chevron Taruntula, some mice and some rats were also present.

Tricky standing proudly
Mice and rats and Tricky

The children were really happy to meet our wildlife ambassadors and interact with them.

Ricardo the founder of the ECWC telling the children about Tyler the Savannah Hawk

Some of them were scared at first but got braver when they saw their friends or parents interacting with the animals.

Oreo, Charleau, Barnie and the rodents

Overall it was a fantastic weekend showcasing Trinidad’s wonderful wildlife and educating the public about these amazing creatures.


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