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Back in the Saddle

As many of you know my riding takes place at the Police Mounted Branch. This means that when there are national events that the horses need to attend my riding has to go on break.

We celebrated Independence on the 31st of August so there was no riding for about 6 weeks (which felt like forever).

Last week though I was able to get back in the saddle. Hooray! I also got to use my favourite horse, Harmony.

“Who’s the best horse? Harmony’s the best horse!”

We had a visitor to the ride, Hamlet. He was out in the paddock grazing and when he saw us going into the riding school he ran ahead of us and decided to stay… I guess the grass was greener on the other side…

Hamlet in the riding school with no rider.

The ride was short. After walking the horses to stretch them and warm them up we spent the rest of the ride trotting to get our muscles back in grove of riding. Of course due to my lack of exercise while on break I was burnt out really quickly but I kept going.

Harmony went well for the most part. She is a horse with lots of impulsion so she just wanted to go go go. Coming down to the end of the ride she didn’t want to pass by a certain spot in the riding school but otherwise she was ok.

To warm down we let them walk on a loose rein and after a round or two of this we let go our reins and put our hands up in the air. Harmony who was leading the ride kept trying to walk toward my instructor. Eventually he said to leave her just let her walk. She walked right up to him and stopped and the other horses fell in line next to her. Amazing! These animals know exactly what they’re supposed to do.

One of these things is not like the other…

All in all it was a good ride.

The pain the next few days was bad but I expected that seeing that my muscles were out of work. I can’t wait for the next ride.

Harmony getting groomed


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