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Sims 4: Big Brother Challenge

I’ve decided to do a Sims 4 challenge and I’ve chosen the “Big Brother” Challenge.

Basically you stick all these sims in a house and they have challenges every week and at the end of each week you have a winner and a loser. The loser is kicked out.

You can view the full rules here.

Here is my starting household.

Big Brother Challenge
Big Brother Challenge starting household.

Aren’t they an interesting bunch.

The majority of their looks are random. I did dress some of them because their outfits were too terrible to keep. And the colourful hair is also me. To get their dreams and personality traits I just clicked around randomly and I tried not to give too many of them the same traits.

The names were randomly generated by the game.

So here they are:

Tayler Woodson
Big happy family

Domestic, childish, insider, music lover

06-04-16_12-49-58 AM

06-04-16_12-49-54 AM

Aaron Polk
Friend of the world

Gregarious, romantic, mean, art lover

06-04-16_12-50-07 AM

06-04-16_12-50-03 AM

Jessica Webster
Master mixologist

Essence of flavour, bookworm, clumsy, gloomy

06-04-16_7-12-06 PM

06-04-16_7-12-01 PM

Salvador Bolden
Leader of the pack

Gregarious, perfectionist, active, good

06-04-16_12-49-28 AM

06-04-16_12-49-21 AM

Aubrie Allen
Computer Whiz

Quick learner, self assured, loner, music lover

06-04-16_12-49-08 AM

06-04-16_12-48-41 AM

Markus Rooney
Master chef

Essence of flavour, cheerful, glutton, family oriented

06-04-16_12-47-19 AM

06-04-16_12-47-15 AM

Krystal Kaiser
Serial Romantic

Alluring, outgoing, goofball, clumsy

06-04-16_12-47-29 AM

06-04-16_12-47-24 AM

 Diego McCann
Body builder

High metabolism, Hates children, materialistic, hot headed

06-04-16_12-47-07 AM

06-04-16_12-47-02 AM

And here are some pictures of their starting house. (click to view the larger image)


If you’re interested in more Sims challenges check out my Sims site: Sim Out Loud!


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