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Riding Diary 29/01/2016

Got to class early, went to saddle Harmony and got a surprise
It Is Alleged (yes that’s his name) was out of his stall eating grass like nobody’s business.


We warmed up the horses by walking to let them stretch out then started to trot. At the trot something felt odd and my instructor noticed it too so Harmony had to go back inside and I ended up using Hailey.

She isn’t a very impulsive horse so it’s a bit of work to get her going. Today though, she did pretty well. She trotted well and didn’t stop at all.
We did the figure of eight exercise and the exercise where we trot around the school and take the back of the ride then we did the same exercise at the canter. I had some trouble controlling my horse here though. Also I started having trouble breathing and palpitations so I had to stop riding for the day. My friends think it may have been a panic attack or an anxiety attack.


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