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Riding Diary 23/01/2015

Eight people came out to ride on Friday. It was the largest class we’ve had for a while.

The horses we used were Hannah, Harmony, Hassan, Honesta, Hailey, Hidalgo, Harry and Havannah.

We started off walking to warm up the horses. At the walk we did the exercise circle to take the rear of the ride.

Then we started trotting.
We separated into two rides and worked on opposite sides of the school keeping pace with the rider parallel to us.
We did left/right turns passing our partner at the centre line, and we also did some circles onto the centre line, some left/right inclines and some 5m and 10m circles.
So we pretty much looked like a synchronized horseback riding team in training :).

Our instructor had the bars for the jumps placed on the ground across the centre line and we would trot over these each time we went up the centre. Now Harmony tends to get excited when sees anything resembling a jump so at the last bar she gave me a small jump and a little canter too.

One of the riders had a little fall during one  of the exercises. Thankfully she wasn’t injured and she got back on her horse and continued the class.

To close off the class we practiced a new skill where we do a shoulder fore then turn and go the opposite direction without the hind legs coming out of the track. . We did this individually and Hannah got it almost perfectly! Harmony did not get it get it right though. She threw her hindquarters wayyyy too far at the end, plus, something was spooking her in that corner of the school. Hassan got a little excited when it was his turn and started trotting rather than walking. Hailey did it pretty well and Hidalgo came close. Honesta and Harry did not get it right either.
When it was Havannah’s turn she got antsy and started trotting then broke into a canter. She made a lap around the school and when she came back to the spot to try the exercise, she ran off again. Of course we were all jealous that her rider got to canter and we didn’t.

All in all it was a good ride. And to top it off my pain level afterwards wasn’t as bad as I expected :D.

Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of the class but I did get this awesome shot of Harmony.




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