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Riding Week After a Short Break

I was involved in different sports since I was young so sore muscles have been the norm for as long as I can remember. Now I do horseback riding but only once a week.

When we came back from Christmas break I expected lots of pain after the first ride. This is how my week went.

Friday: Riding day
Pure joy, utter excitement before and during class. After class I was a little fatigued but still on a high from all those endorphins floating around in my system.

When I woke up I was in pain. Pain in my calves, inner thighs, back, abs, arms and neck.
Pain that seemed to lessen with movement but came back once I was still for too long.

The pain was worse than the day before.This is normal for me. The pain is always worse two days after exercising.

The pain in my neck was gone and the pain in my back was fading. My thighs and calves were still hurting.

My upper body was painless. My lower body was a little sore.

My calves recovered.

There was only slight soreness in my thighs.

My body is almost completely painless. It’s riding day and I’m going to do it all again!


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