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Horse Tabanca

When riding class was on Christmas break it was really hard for me.

It was a terribly long three weeks of no riding. I went to visit the horses sometime in between and carried treats. Most of the horses ate them happily but there were a few that sniffed it and refused.

I had two horse dreams where I was able to be around and ride horses. I also had a horse nightmare where I got to class late and couldn’t ride (yes that’s a nightmare!).

On old year’s night I started to get a strange back pain that lasted until the 4th of January. I believe my body was compensating for the lack of pain due to no riding.

Class is started back last Friday. *does happy dance followed by multiple  back flips*

It was great! I got to ride my favorite horse and she behaved quite nicely. After class she got rewarded with five fingers (starfruit) which she loves.

New year, new adventures!

Harmony (5).JPG


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