Animals, Wildlife

Snake in My Bag

Dear Trinidad and Tobago

I had a snake in my bag and you did not know. A beautiful red-tailed boa constrictor. It was brought for me to be released elsewhere.
I took it with me to work then to the wildlife centre. I did this using public transport so, Trinidad and Tobago, there was a snake sitting next to you in the taxi on your way to work and on your lunch break and you didn’t even know!
Should you feel afraid? Of course not! This snake had no intention of hurting you. He was quite content curled up in his pillowcase until he could be released.

So Trinidad and Tobago, remember when next you see a snake there’s no need to panic, just let it go its way. It probably isn’t interested in you as a meal anyway 😉


If you need wildlife removed please contact The El Socorro Centre for Wildlife Conservation


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