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In Memory of Fiona

Fiona was a petite, dark bay quarter horse from Canada. Her legs were the shortest of all the horses so she had to take double the number of steps that the bigger horses would.Fiona 1

When I met Fiona she had a pretty deep sink in her back which got worse as she grew older. She had to get extra cushioning under her saddle.

Fiona was extra spritey! I remember the first time I rode her I was instructed to use only voice commands and no legs. She was a very sensitive horse. The slightest touch would have her speeding up. Sometimes during the ride she would have to trot to close the gap between horses because walking wouldn’t get her there fast enough.

There was this one time when a girl tightened her girth all the way and she flopped down causing the girl a mini heart attack. Apparently Fiona usually did that when her girth is tightened all the way in her stall but the girl didn’t know that. Sadly she was too traumatized to come back to riding class.

Recently, Fiona went blind in one eye and I guess that along with her age was the reason she had to be put down.

She was 26 years old.

She will be missed.

Fiona 2


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