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Jumping with Harmony

I went up to Harmony’s stall. She was facing the back of the stall- munching away.

Harmony wnm
Harmony getting groomed before our ride. Photo by Shaun Rambaran-

“Hi Harmony!” I said.

She looked up at me, chewing.

Oh oh! Here she comes… Maybe if I keep eating she’ll go away.

I went in with the halter, put it on her, took her out of the stall and tied her near the farrier shop where I saddled her. Then, I brought out this completely amazing purple fly bonnet, put it up to her nose and asked “Harmony, can I put this on you?”

She sniffed at it and looked at me.

What is this? It isn’t edible… Oh… it’s for my head? Oh, ok.

I put on her fancy fly bonnet and bridle and we went out to join the rest of the class.

When Harmony was all ready to ride I mounted up and we went out to the riding school. We did some group work, then started to practice jumps.

We were working at the trot. Harmony and I turned in to go for our first jump but instead of trotting she started to canter.

Oooh! Jumps! I love jumps! Let’s canter!

“No Harmony. Trot!” She slowed to a fast trot and we headed into the jump then…

Wait wait wait! Are you sure you want to do this?

Harmony stopped right in front of the jump giving me whiplash… not nice. I legged her and she tiptoed over the barrels like a dainty little lady.

We did some more individual jumps, then we did it in pairs and threes.

Jump 2 wnm
Jumping with Harmony

Hyper was extra hyper, cantering all around the school and Harry wanted to do his own thing. Hannibal was his usual self, wagging his tongue, tail up in the air while doing the exercises.

It was an amazing class…. Can’t wait for the next one!

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