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Midnight: The Light Coloured Hamster

Meet Midnight, a long haired Syrian hamster.


Now before you look at him and say he’s not black, let me take you back to a few years ago when I bought him. He was dark when but got lighter as he grew older.

FB_20150930_09_17_29_Saved_Picture  FB_20150930_09_16_52_Saved_Picture

When it comes to food, Midnight is as picky as hamsters could get. He has shunned many brands of hamster food so I resorted to feeding him parrot food. Luckily he hasn’t sprouted wings yet.

Now he’s back on a mixture of hamster food and sunflower seeds. Some days he picks out the sunflower seeds and leaves behind the hamster food. Other days it’s the other way around.

I tend to give Midnight a little of whatever I’m eating (once its hamster safe). He likes eggs and fish but sometimes he refuses chicken. I guess he like being a vegetarian on some days.

Midnight’s favourite fruit is banana. I can be 10 miles away eating a banana and Midnight would smell it. He come out of his box sniffing with his eyes closed for a piece of banana. He also likes ice cream, cantaloupe, watermelon, grapes, broccoli and fries (yes, French fries), which he only got twice because it is unhealthy.

Midnight knows his name
Usually when I call he comes (because it’s usually for a treat). Sometimes he just ignores me. -_-

Rodent (Latin rodere,): “to gnaw”
Midnight lives up the this. He got out once or twice and decided to make a nest in some cardboard boxes. When I found him there was a giant hole in the box…
He also completely destroys the boxes I put for him to sleep in.


Now I’m no vet but I believe Midnight has cataracts in his eyes 😦

Midnight's Cataract
Midnight’s Cataract

Old age is catching up to him I guess. It doesn’t deter him from his daily activities though. He’s the same old Midnight.

And here are a few more pictures of him.

DSCF2863  DSCF2861

DSCF2855 Midnight cleaning himself


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