Environment, Nature

All I Ever Talk About

I was told in work that all I talk about is animals and plants.
Is it that I’ve spoken about them so much that people are tired of hearing about them instead of loving them more?
That would be bad. That wasn’t my intention.

Maybe it is that I’m speaking to the wrong people. Need to find me some nature lovers so we can blab all day about birds and snakes and horses and hamsters and trees and rivers other cool stuff.

Anyway a coworker put me on a no animal/plant talk fast. She said she will get a jar and every time I mention an animal or plant  I have to put a dollar in it. On Wednesday I was at work for half the day and the jar was $10 richer.

What can I say? You can take the girl out of nature but you can’t take the girl.


#wildlifelover #animallover #plantlover #naturelover


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