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Hyper: The Horse That Stepped on My Foot

The horse I used yesterday was Hyper. He’s quite a sweetheart and likes a little love up here and there… but then again, who doesn’t?
Hyper was busy eating when I went to saddle him up. I don’t think he was very pleased to be taken from his dinner.
After saddling Hyper and I went out to meet the other riders. I stopped for a second to fix his girth when he spotted a pile of grass and guess what? He attempted to grab some.
Next thing I knew Hyper had grass in his mouth happily chewing while standing on my foot -_-
Thankfully when I checked my toes later on all were intact. No visible bruises but we’ll see how that goes.

When the workout started Hyper was his usual self – walking slowly, trotting slowly, not staying close to the other horses – but when it was time for us to practice some dressage Mr. Hyper got excited and started to trot instead of walking when it was his turn. He even cantered willingly. I was quite shocked that Hyper was being hyper because usually he is on the lazy side.

We got in some trotting, circles that didn’t look like circles and even a little canter. So all in all I had a good ride.

Bath time for Hyper and I must say he was a pretty good sport. Of course on the way to the bath stall he grabbed a piece of grass because why bathe on an empty stomach right?

DSCF2817 wnm
Hyper chewing grass while waiting to have his bath.

Hyper is ticklish. He doesn’t like when it’s curry comb time or towel off time and I’m guessing it’s because it tickles. So he let me dry off his face with no fuss but when it was time to dry off his tummy he kept trying to nip either the towel or me (I’m hoping it was the towel).

Things I learned about Hyper:

  1. Hyper likes to eat
  2. Hyper has mood swings
  3. Hyper prefers not to be tickled

And here is a random photo of Fannon eating 🙂

DSCF2827 wnm

3 thoughts on “Hyper: The Horse That Stepped on My Foot”

  1. Hyper sounds just like this horse I ride: Navy Girl. We have some pretty big pieces of grass poking through the arena fence and whenever we go around that side of the fence during our workout she will come to a complete stop and yank out a mouthful of grass. It’s become a pretty bad habit and I am constantly working her on that. But thankfully she hasn’t stepped on my foot for a piece of grass yet.

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