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My Mgambo Tree Journey: New Leaves

I need to give my tree a name.

She’s been growing quite well over the past few days.

Here are some photos of where she’s at.

 Mgambo 04 Sept wnm     Mgambo 04 Sept WNM2

Here she is when she sent out her first leaves. This was on the 4th September.

Mgambo 05 Sept (27) WNM2      Mgambo 05 Sept (21) WNM

The leaves got a little bigger by the 5th September

Mgambo 06 Sept (6) wnm       Mgambo 05 Sept (27) WNM2

6th September

     Mgambo 07 Sept (20) wnm      Mgambo 07 Sept (25) wnm

Here we see her leaves open on the 7th September. There was a heavy shower of rain that beat off the seed coat.

Stay tuned for more updates on the journey of my Mgambo tree.


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